Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Too Busy to Workout!!

 You know you want to lose weight because it's all you think about day in and day out. You want to change your lifestyle and the image in the mirror but you think that you're too busy to do anything. This is not true, even the littlest things can help you achieve your main goal to lose weight, gain muscle, look good in the mirror and most importantly feel good about yourself. For example: you can walk a little faster, (maybe with hand or ankle weights) have your coffee with milk and sweetener instead of cream and sugar, bring fruits and vegetables to work with you instead of cookies and chips. I could keep going but i think you get the point.  

  When you are trying to lose weight, burning calories is one of the key elements of weight loss, Remember to take some time throughout the day to sneak in an exercise, there is no way around that. Try doing even 15 minutes in the morning before you do anything else BUT remember to stretch out the areas you're going to be targeting, VERY IMPORTANT!!. At work you could park a little farther away than normal and maybe take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. That little stuff really does add up quite a bit over time and remember nothing happens over night. 

  Another key element to weight loss is your calorie intake. Pay close attention to what you buy and consume, stick to low calorie, low fat, low sodium, etc. Also pay attention to how much you consume look at the serving size for that nutritional value reading. Lets say you are having spaghetti for dinner and you usually have a full plate to eat. instead of filling that plate with just spaghetti have half and some sort of vegetable with it. It's still the same amount of food but less calories, fat, sodium, etc.
  I hope this information helps you in achieving your goals and remember that every little step helps you move toward it! All the best :)


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